by Maria Vasilovskaya on March 31, 2021

Can you imagine being able to dive for an hour without having to depend on your oxygen bottle? Incredible true? Now you can do it with the great innovation of Blu3 and its latest NEMO model. 

NEMO is a device that allows you to breathe underwater without a tank, you can submerge up to 3 meters for more than 60 minutes. Dive in complete freedom, feel light and hassle-free with the world's smallest and easiest-to-use scuba system. 

Its great advantage is how portable it is. Super easy to transport and you can travel with it, it is fully allowed on flights. You can take it on your adventures without problem! It weighs less than 5 kg and measures less than 30 cm on each side. 

It is perfect for diving in shallow water. It works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, there is also the option to buy extra easy-to-change batteries to replace them and dive all day. 

NEMO gradually decreases the airflow performance in the last few minutes of battery life to gently alert the user that the battery will be completely drained soon. Decreased performance is a sign that it is time to end the dive. 

The Smart Reg ™ system monitors your breathing to ensure you get the most out of every dive by extending battery life. The NEMO compressor is completely custom designed, ensuring clean air is delivered in the most efficient way and in a very robust package. 

This must-have gadget is compact, lightweight and efficient and includes a comfortable dive harness. You can enhance your experience by including the NEMO backpack that will make traveling with this device very simple. 

Use it at sea or in the pool with your friends and family and create bonds underwater. It is always better to dive with a buddy. 

Enjoy the wonders of the sea, explore freely with NEMO. There is so much to discover beyond the surface! 

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