by Aliaksei Zubr on March 09, 2021

If you are a lover of the sea and water activities, you will know that diving is one of the many ways to explore what our beautiful planet has to offer. Going further and deeper is now possible with underwater scooters. This great novelty will change your underwater leisure in a whole new way.

It will be your perfect diving companion to help you conserve energy and make your adventure more easily. Ideal also for those who need help to swim and lose their fear of water, whether in the sea or the pool.

The underwater scooters that you will see in the catalog on our website are incredibly lightweight and powerful weighing only between 2.3kg and 4.5kg. Making it easier to do flips and spins underwater. You will find in some of them the possibility of two or even three speed options, depending on what you prefer. You can go from 1km / h to be able to calmly enjoy the breathtaking view that surrounds you or reach 6km / h reaching a great speed and going as fast as fish.

In addition to being an incomparable and very different leisure offer, you will be able to document all your marine adventures without having to purchase expensive aquatic filming equipment. In a very simple way you can mount your action camera to record underwater and even your mobile phone with a waterproof case to capture everything that you will live in this fun experience.

Most models include a removable float or buoyancy regulator that can be submerged up to 5 meters, this allows you to enjoy snorkeling without worrying about losing your scooter or if you prefer, you can detach the buoyancy regulator and venture down to 40 meters below the surface with your underwater partner. They are equipped with LED lights that indicate the running status and low battery alert.

Powered by a lithium battery they last up to 60 minutes underwater and fully recharge in just two hours. These batteries are compact and flight-safe, complying with the safety measures and watts established in airplanes. Travel around the world with your new tech companion.

All scooters are thoroughly tested for waterproof sealing, salt corrosion and sand resistant performance. This makes them the most reliable and durable devices on the market.

These are the best brands we work with and the most competitive in quality-price you'll find.

- SUBLUE. Choose the model that best suits you: WhiteShark Mix, WhiteShark Mix Pro and Navbow. From lowest to highest degree of professionalism and functions.

- LEFEET. Choose the standard model or double it up to increase speed and power.

- ROBOSEA. With its Seaflyer model of the latest design and cutting edge innovation.

Revolutionizes the way you explore underwater, dive in with your water scooter and go further. Contact us info@move-sea.com or come visit us at our Showroom in Madrid.

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