by Maria Vasilovskaya on February 17, 2021

Movesea Outdoor Activities


Welcome! If you have come this far it is because your interest in the marine world is awake and you are a lover of water activities.

At Movesea we take your experience at sea to the next level and expand the established limits thanks to technological innovation. We have reached new frontiers to see underwater life in a way we never thought possible and now is the time to reach a new unknown and mysterious world.

With the products that you can find in our catalog you will be able to immerse and discover the wonders that the ocean houses, see the divinity of creation under water, feel the pulse of marine life, surprise yourself with the extraordinary, witness unique moments and film all your explorations.

The growth of exploration over the years on land and in the air has been increasing, we touch the sky and travel to far lands. It’s time to continue growing and learning from the world around us, it’s the turn of the other 70% of the Earth, water.
With Movesea we bring you closer to high-tech equipment in the easiest way because we are official representatives in Europe of the brands of water scooters SUBLUE and LEFEET and the underwater drones FIFISH, GENEINNO, CHASING INNOVATION, NAVATICS among others.

There are many possible applications for our product technology. Redefine your concept of leisure with our aquatic scooters, travel with them and explore the sea without getting tired, incorporate them into your diving and scuba diving activity. You can also find the right one for children's fun and even use the floating boards to help them learn to swim.

Our underwater drones will allow you to photograph and record your encounters with the sea, favor your fishing from the boat, carry out maintenance and repair of yachts and other vessels, carry out safety inspections, study of the seabed and explore caves, carry out inspections of aquaculture and the search and rescue of objects among other possibilities.

Are you excited about what you read? Contact us and tell us about your needs. You can also come and meet us at our official store in Madrid and see the wide range of equipment that we offer.

(Calle Mónaco 50, Las Rozas).

We have the device you are looking for and we would love to meet you. It will be your best encounter with the sea. Experience this great adventure with us!

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