Top 5 Movesea best-sellers

by Nikolai S on September 10, 2021

TOP 5 MOVESEA BEST-SELLERSLefeet S1 - the world most compact water scooter, which can be easily fit in any small size backpack. Lefeet is not only a sea scooter for divers, but it can also transform into a motor engine. You can attach the engine to a paddle board, kayak, or any other water crafts.

WhiteShark Mix by Sublue - compact underwater double-propeller scooter. Lightweight, powerful and easy to control with strong dual motors at 1.5m/s. It has built-in camera mount.

Navbow by Sublue - underwater professional scooter with 3 grades of speed that provides smooth to ultra-fast underwater experience. The unique patented battery sealing technology enables battery change in 5 seconds. 50% lighter than traditional DPV product.

Blu3 Nemo - tankless diving system, perfect for shallow-water diving. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows a single diver to dive up to 3 metros for 60-90 minutes. It is easy to carry and even travel with. It weighs 4,5 kilos.

Fifish V6S – underwater drone with unlimited angles for underwater photography. Moves laterally, forward & backward, up & down, as well as roll, pan and tilt. Customized Remote Control and VR Goggle Offers 3 Kinds of Flexible and Intelligent Control Modes.

You can test all of these products at the Yachting festival, that takes part now in Cannes.

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