by Maria Vasilovskaya on March 16, 2021

The best invention for the smallest of the family is here, the electronic kickboard! Designed for beginners of swimming and water sports, this electric motorized floating board can help them lose their fear in the water, learn to swim and also become the most fun water leisure. 

Increase the interaction between family members and make water games more entertaining and engaging. It is accessible for all those who want to experience the pleasure of swimming as it has great buoyancy for both children and adults, capable of supporting up to 100kg. 

Super easy to use, you just have to rest your chest on the board, keep both buttons pressed and that's it! Let yourself be carried away by the water and free yourself from worries. The electronic kickboard will become a fantastic reliable and efficient help, you will improve your swimming skills because it facilitates kicking exercises and enhances balance in the water. 

It has the option of two speeds for a customized experience, you can choose between the low speed mode for beginners and the high speed mode to experience the thrills of the water. This technology is patented to guarantee perfect security. 

Its material is ecological and respectful with the skin, it is made of high quality EVA material that prevents chafing of all kinds. Its soft foam will provide you with greater comfort and protection. 

It is portable and easy to carry with its built-in handle. Its ergonomic design will provide you with relaxing comfort, its smooth and round body achieves a perfect balance between the effects of gravity and buoyancy. 

Its battery is rechargeable lithium and allows the kickboard to last 45 minutes in water. Its sealing technology provides waterproofing of batteries. The Sublue Swii model contains a LED power display that shows the power status, battery indicator and operation with 4 different colors to choose from. It has smart functions controlled through its mobile app, you can set the child safety lock, change the speed, customize the indicator light settings, and start self-cleaning. 

Enhance your family-friendly pool and beach experience. Check our catalog on the website and choose between these two high-quality models: 

- SWII: manufactured by Sublue, it has the advantage of having a removable battery. This means that users can carry spare batteries to enjoy their electronic kickboard longer. It has a 98Wh and 158Wh battery. 

- SWIMN: manufactured by ePropulsion, it has a functional and striking design, its battery is integrated. It is multipurpose since it can be quickly converted into a water gun, screw the nozzles on and press the start buttons, splashes ensured. 


Welcome to a new world of fun for kids and parents in the water! Endless entertainment. 

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