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NEW! Underwater Scooter by Waydoo

Multiple options of use: Surfboard, SUP, Scuba Diving
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Power up the vibe!
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It's easy: you pedal, and the propeller spins!
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Roberto Ricci Designs

Driven by the passion for design, innovation and love of watersports!
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Underwater Scooters

Glide through the water! Or dive up to 60 meters
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Tankless Dive Systems

Where the Simplicity of Snorkeling Meets the Thrill of Scuba Diving
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surflogic surfing products


Make Your Surfing Life More Comfy!
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Dive System AirBuddy for You and Your Buddy

Bridges the gap between snorkeling and SCUBA!

Explore reefs, hull cleaning, boat maintenance, lobster diving or underwater photography Yourself Or with Your Friend.

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Travel Accessories

Everything for Your Best Experience of Surfing Life!

Fast drying system for your wetsuit! Hangers and Hooks. Key Locks of all sizes. Car Seat Covers and Bike Accessories for Your Board and More!

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"Once you get the motor going, it's basically like riding on a flying surfboard."

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What is everyone saying?

Underwater scooter WhiteShark Mix Pro

Underwater scooter WhiteShark Mix Pro

Very fun product. Battery goes a lot further if you just use in spurts to propel you towards where you want to go. Used them to snorkel in Hawaii and it was a blast. You can feel just like Aquaman flying through the water.

N. L.

Omni 20+ Omnicharge

Omni 20+ Omnicharge

My first Omni20 works fantastic and still use it and recently purchased the Omni20+ with wireless charging the only thing missing on the Omni20. I am extremely pleased with this product!


Dive System Nemo-BP-3 BLU3 8501186

Dive System Nemo-BP-2 BLU3

My son just installed a swimming pool and the kids love this... easy to use, battery has not run out of power yet...And the kids are swimming better with and without the system!

Joe Teeples

Underwater scooter Tini 158Wh Sublue

Underwater scooter Tini 158Wh Sublue

Wonderful product and customer service! Our kids use these in the pool and the ocean and lake. We had an issue with the cover falling off and they immediately sent a replacement. Highly recommend this scooter!

Katherine Decker

Power Station Ecoflow Delta max

Power Station Delta EcoFlow

So far feels like very high quality product. Really easy set up. And instructions. Need of a engineering degree to get it working.Low noise so far. Will be testing it with several devices on the upcoming days.


Paralenz vaquita

Underwater Camera Vaquita Paralenz

The camera is really user friendly, it feels like a flashlight in your hand and the vibrations allow you to know exactly what is happening. Pictures are great too. I´m really pleased with the camera so far.

Tony Henshaw

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    Water bike 2.0 SEABIKE

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  • Underwater Scooter HAGUL EZ Sublue
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    Underwater Scooter HAGUL EZ by Sublue

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    August 25, 2022


    Now in our store you can find RRD Roberto Ricci Designs products for water sports. Windsurfing Kiteboarding Wing boarding SUP & Surfing Hydrofoils and many more! RRD are driven by the passion for design, innovation and love of watersports!

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