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Water bike Spearfishing kit Seabike

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Basic characteristics:

  • Unique, portable water bike Seabike  - a sports equipment that has no analogues in the world! 

  • Pedal and navigate with ease in fresh and salt waters for long distances over 5 km. 

  • The Seabike is a smart invention by engineers that will help you speed up to 2 m/s. In contrast, with fins, your swimming speed will not exceed 0.6 m/s. 

  • You just need to attach the Seabike to the belt, and you can go to your chosen hunting place without having to use your hands or wasting your energy - you will need them for a good catch.

  • For safety reasons, the inflatable board has an orange color and is equipped with a bright flag visible from afar.

  • There are also special mounts that allow you to deliver water, food, personal belongings, and spearfishing equipment to your destination. The board can also be used to store your catch on it instead of the usual fish tank. 

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Water bike Spearfishing kit Seabike

Can you go spearfishing without a boat?

Sure! Bring our hunter set with you -  an inflatable board, a pump, a Seabike 2.0 water bike, and a bag for storage and transportation.

It often happens that a hunter buys a boat and then has to deal with so many nuances that it kills the spirit of adventure: it requires space to be stored, maintenance, and sometimes even registration documents.

With our hunter set, you will forget about all these inconveniences and feel like the master of nature. Now, you can easily transport everything you need to the hunting ground and, afterward, return to the shore with the prey just as quickly and effortlessly.

Moreover, you do not need the storage space for the set: the board and the pedal boat are foldable into a special bag, which you can easily fit even in a small apartment.


The Seabike design is equipped with a mechanical drive, so it does not require charging.

The technical characteristics of the 2.0 water bike ensure easy transportation and make it maneuverable when you use it:

  • model weight - 2.6 kg;
  • package dimensions - 550 x 170 x 170 mm.

The technical characteristics of the hunter set ensure easy and effortless transportation at all times:

  • Weight - 4.85 kg
  • Dimensions - 640 x 350 x 260 mm

SKU: 8511734

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Weight: 2.6 kg