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Kitesurf and Windsurf Harnesses (Hybrid) Thrive Plus RRD

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Size: XS-S

Basic characteristics:

✓ Suitable for people with a more vertically curved back shape

✓ And riders who prefer an upright riding position, like free-riding and down the line wave riding

✓ Universal kite/windsurf hook, suitable and safe for both disciplines

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Kitesurf and Windsurf Harness (HYBRID) THRIVE PLUS XS-S


  • Pre-shaped 3d moulded neoprene outside
  • Curved vertical back shape
  • Pre-shaped inner and outer
  • Neoprene inside with EVA grip insert
  • Soft and flexible side and rib area
  • Barpad with stabilizer wings, prevents barpad twist
  • Universal kite / windsurf hook with push release spreaderbar
  • Kitesurf rope bar compatible
  • Safety knife included
  • Kite leash connectors
  • Removable handle / HP tube on back

More Info

  • The success of the universal windsurf / kitesurf Thrive plus lies in it’s vertically curved ergonomic back shape.
  • Suitable for riders with a more hollow, curved lower back, or riders that prefer an upright riding position.
  • Riding styles like down the line wave riding, foiling or freerding will get you the most out of the Thrive plus harness.
  • The 3D moulded outer shell is pre-shaped both horizontally and vertically and it’s covered in neoprene to stretch around it’s complex curves.
  • The improved barpad with stabilizer wings slides into the side of your harness, to prevent the hook from riding up to protect your ribs.
  • The barpad with universal kite / windsurf hook can be swapped out for a rope bar with stabilizer wings (available separately).
  • A rope bar converts any waist harness into a kite wave harness.
  • It helps to extend your turns, by allowing you to rotate further and easier than you would with a hook spreader bar.
  • A Thrive plus harness combined with a rope bar will make this a must have for a dedicated wave rider.


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