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Dive System Buddy AirBuddy

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Harness Size: S-M/S-M

Basic characteristics:

  • AirBuddy bridges the gap between snorkeling and Scuba. 

  • AirBuddy is a compact battery-powered surface supplied dive gear ("hookah"), that can be recharged at home from a standard socket or 12V car/boat outlet on travels. 

  • It does not require any air refills, rentals, complicated logistics or bulky gear, yet it enables diving for almost an hour to two divers (up to 6m deep).

  • Designed specifically for self-guided shallow water diving, such as exploring reefs, hull cleaning, boat maintenance, lobster diving or underwater photography.

  • The challenge was to design a small, lightweight, and user-friendly dive gear that provides independence of the infrastructure and is travel-friendly.

  • This package is suitable for two divers. 

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Dive System Buddy AirBuddy

Connect 2 hoses to one AirBuddy and dive with your buddy up to 6m (20ft) deep. There’s plenty to discover in the shallow waters!

Your Kit Includes:

  • 1 AirBuddy
  • 2 Harness & regulator
  • 2 Buddy diver hose (6m/ 20ft each)
  • 1 Lithium battery (26Ah)
  • 1 Standard charger (AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz)
  • 1 User manual

Key Features

  • AirBuddy has been designed with portability and stowability in mind to allow the users take AirBuddy on holidays.
  • It is the world's smallest and lightest SSBA equipment, yet significantly exceeds the performance and safety of other, larger, units.
  • It weighs about one third of the nearest competitor and packs into a significantly smaller space.
  • AirBuddy glides easily on the surface with minimum drag felt by the diver. And the recoil hose acts like a "suspension", so that the diver does not feel any tugging caused by the swell.
  • It also keeps AirBuddy at a close perimeter for improved position control.

More Info

  • Surface-supplied diving (SSBA) has been around for longer than SCUBA, the first divers explored the seabed using surface-supplied units already back in the 19th century. We combined this almost 200-year-old diving principle with the latest technologies, materials and innovations and created a compact, user-friendly unit. We designed AirBuddy for maximum performance, comfort, and safety at the minimum weight and size.
  • Yet it enables diving for almost an hour to one diver or 2 divers (up to 6 o 12 meters). On our website You are able to find all the kits, like: Single, Buddy, Duo or Combo with different harness sizes from S to 3XL!

The innovative features of AirBuddy include:

  • Integrated reservoir with 16L pressurised air for safe ascent in case of emergency
  • Water cooled air compressor for maximum performance at minimum size
  • LiFePO4 battery for low weight, long run-time, and highest Li-Ion safety
  • Low battery underwater notification system
  • Secure magnetic switch with detachable key
  • Recoil hose for better position control and kink-resistance
  • Elaborate airways to prevent intrusion of splash water
  • Position switch and electronic system to prevent water ingress
  • Centre of gravity below water-line acting like a keel on a boat.

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