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Spare Air Blu3

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Basic characteristics:

✓ The safest divers have a back-up. We highly recommended a back-up air supply like Spare Air® for a safe ascent. Requires Scuba certification for filling.

✓ A backup air supply is recommended in all methods of diving. 

✓ It’s especially important for our novice divers to be prepared with a method for a slow and safe ascent in every circumstance.

✓ Spare Air® is the smallest redundant Scuba system available with enough air to get you to the surface in an “out-of-air” situation.

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Spare Air BLU3

Model 300

Spare Air is the Diverse Reserve Parachute. This mini scuba tank comes with a holster and attaches easily to provide instantly accessible emergency air for a return to surface in case of any problems during a dive. With our ready-to-go regulator you can start using Spare Air in only a moment's notice at any time. 

Package Includes:

  • SPARE AIR breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator
  • 3 cu.ft. Black Anodized Aluminum Cylinder
  • 910S Refill Adapter – Fills off Scuba tank
  • 973 Covered Holster – Mounts to harness
  • 961 Leash – Prevents loss

SKU: 8526752

Barcode: 8435638526752

Vendor: BLU3

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