The interest for the depths of the sea has accompanied the man since his presence on our planet. Today, this attraction can be easily fulfilled, armed with modern technical solutions that are offered by Shvindler Group S.L. as a part of the MOVESEA project.


You can be a fan of any type of water activity - in the range of equipment that we offer, there will certainly be a device suitable for you.


• Diving

• Spearfishing

• Study of the seabed

• Underwater photo and video shooting 

• Maintenance and repair of yachts and other boats

• Complex underwater works


These are just a few of the possible applications of the technology presented in the MOVESEA project. Are you a scuba diving enthusiast, a professional diver or a trading company representative? Contact our managers and tell us about your needs - we will offer you the best option of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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The robots and drones presented in our assortment allow you to explore the aquatic flora and fauna, study the seabed, determine the direction and intensity of underwater currents, and solve many other research tasks. Also, it is possible to use our devices for professional reasons - for example, to search for natural resources on the shelves, to survey hydroelectric dam, to determine the state of underwater mechanisms, and many other purposes.


Owning an underwater drone, not only will you be able to see the beauty of the seabed, but you can also capture it to show it your friends. Many of the devices that we offer are equipped with high-quality cameras with advanced lenses and matrices - which means you can shoot photos and videos in high resolution and with amazing color reproduction. Add new colors to your life!


With the equipment that we offer, scuba-diving will become a much more exciting. Improve your scuba diving skills, study sunken objects, arrange competitions with friends, look for the large trophy fish during the exciting spearfishing - in short, go diving to the fullest!


The underwater devices of the best world manufacturers that we offer will dramatically expand the horizons of your water recreation. Swim farther and deeper, move faster through the water, contemplate what you have never seen before - get the most out of your vacation!



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