Shvindler Group company within the framework of the project MOVESEA sells high-tech underwater equipment to the final consumers and also cooperates with partner organizations engaged in retail trade. If you represent such company and you are attuned to the dynamic development of your business, our offer may be interesting for you.


The first thing that is of interest to every potential partner of the MOVESEA project is a big assortment of modern underwater robots and drones, accessories and components for them from the best world manufacturers. We offer multifunctional equipment for amateur and professional users and we are closely monitoring the quality of our products - and this naturally generates the interest of our buyers. By entering into a partnership agreement with MOVESEA, you can significantly increase the turnover of your company.

Marketers of our project monitor current trends, analyze consumer demands and form an assortment of those product items that are really in demand. In partnership with us, you don’t have to worry about overstocking warehouses with slow-moving goods - the equipment we offer is actively sold, and this is confirmed by our experience.

We attach particular importance to the word “partnership” - each company that cooperates with us in the distribution can count on effective feedback. Our managers will take into account your wishes, take into account regional and other specifics and organize the work so that you can get the maximum benefit.

The well-established logistics system that we built merits attention and the existence of several warehouses and representative offices in Spain and abroad. You don’t have to worry about deliveries of goods to your company - they will be clear and uninterrupted.

By working with us, you can count on full-fledged marketing support. Assistance in the development and implementation of advertising campaigns, printed and electronic materials, and sales consultations are what every trading partner of the MOVESEA project receives.

Contact us in a way that is more convenient for you - we will discuss the details of a potential partnership and will do our best to make it pleasant and profitable for you!