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Patinete submarino Subnado Single Waydoo

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Equipo: Basic

Caracteristicas basicas:

✓ ¡El scooter Subnado más ligero y compacto te llevará a volar y explorar el mundo acuático!

✓ ¡No más límites! Operación con una sola mano: realmente libere sus manos con el controlador de anillo de dedo

✓ Soporte compatible: documente sus recuerdos bajo el agua conectando GoPro, OLED o cualquier dispositivo a su Subnado

✓ Resistente al agua hasta 60 metros de profundidad

✓ ENGRANAJES DE TRES VELOCIDADES. Velocidad máxima de 1,4 m/s con un solo scooter, 2 m/s con dos unidades

✓ Diseño apto para niños

✓ Tiempo de viaje 56 minutos

✓ Listo para carga rápida USB-C de 100 W, carga completa en 1,2 horas.

✓ Batería integrada de iones de litio de 98 Wh, aprobada por aerolíneas.

✓ También un banco de energía portátil

✓ Diseño compacto y portátil como una botella de coca cola pequeña para un equipaje de mano fácil.

✓ Más información sobre Su kit más abajo en la descripción

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Underwater scooter Subnado

Your package includes:

  • Main unit
  • Subnado handle bracket
  • Subnado arm mount
  • Handgrip
  • Subnado wired thumb controller
  • Subnado finger safe guard
  • Subnado accessories mount
  • Propeller pin
  • 4 O-ring for spare
  • 26x2 O-ring 2pcs for spare
  • M4x8 screw
  • 5x1 O-ring 4 pcs for spare

Compact & portable design lightest. Most portable. Airline approved.

Only 38cm long & 6cm wide in size, the subnado has a compact, stylish, sleek design that is easy to carry, saving the limited luggage space for more travel supplies. Weighing only 1.4kg. For traveling, lightweight means more burden-free. And its built-in 98-watt hour batteries are airlines approved, so they can fit perfectly in your carry-on luggage, traveling all the world without limits.

Finger ring controller. Truly free your hands. Fully engage underwater life.

Subnado's revolutionary design allows you to maneuver it freely and smoothly with just your fingers, so you are free to carry out tasks such as air changes with ease. No specialized training is needed, just a little practice, and you are able to use the finger ring to control your sea scooter, exploring underwater life effortlessly like never before.

Quick-release mounting system. One device. More possibilities, more fun!

The quick-release mounting system offers a variety of adapters, allowing you to attach subnado on your arms or legs and free your hands for more underwater tasks; the simple pairing of the joint points makes your control easier than ever! You can also mount the subnado under a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard for effortless gliding on the water, paddling less, and enjoying the pure fun of water activities.

Compatible mount. Document your underwater memories.

With the compatible mount (1/4-20UNC screw), you can attach a GoPro, OLED indicator, or any device to your subnado. Documenting good memories underwater is a breeze.

Power system beyond imagination. Incredible depth means infinite possibilities.

Encased in an aluminum alloy body and equipped with a unique jet propulsion design, subnado can easily reach the forward speed of up to 1.4m/s, giving you the ultimate underwater thrill. In addition, if you are a deep-diving enthusiast, the subnado, with a maximum diving depth of 60m, is your best scuba diving scooter choice.

(*Open Water Diver Certification for down to 18m; Advanced Open Water Diver Certification for down to 30m; The recreational diving limit is 40m; only technical diving can reach beyond.)

Scientific improvements boost efficiency. Exploring the aquatic world by flying underwater.

After countless computational fluid dynamics simulations, Waydoo settled on a 4-blade assembled propeller that is twenty three percent more efficient than a traditional 3-blade injection mould propeller. Meanwhile, stator vanes are incorporated into subnado’s propulsion system, converting the circular flows into power and thrust, further improving the propeller’s power efficiency by 5%.

Child-friendly design. Safe & fun for family.

Stop enjoying underwater activities because you don't have a diving certification? Not a problem anymore. The subnado is also perfect for amusement at the pool, getting rid of the tediousness of swimming, and enjoying the flexible joy from snorkeling to SUP. Also, it is safe for a child to play with, for the propeller shield is specifically designed to prevent children from finger injuries, giving the parents reassurance and reliability.

Also a portable power bank. Industry-leading charging tech.

Thanks to our proprietary battery technology, charging subnado from 0 to 100% can be completed in 1.2 hours. Furthermore, subnado's reverse charging feature allows for up to 100W of power output, making it a portable power bank for charging your smartphone, GoPro, laptop, and any other gadget.

SKU: 8523737

Barcode: 8435638523737

Vendor: Waydoo

Weight: 1.4 kg