Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023
Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023
Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023
Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023
Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023
Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023
Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023
Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023

Panel solar 110W ECOFLOW 2661023

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  • Vendedor: Ecoflow
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Basic characteristics:

  • Make full use of the solar energy. Portable and storable 110W EcoFlow solar panels can be easily folded, loaded and transported to another location if required. Unfolding and connecting is also very easy. The carrying case can also be used as a stand for precise adjustment of the panel's angle to the sun's rays. If you need to connect several solar panels, the stand will also serve so that the panels do not shade each other and thus do not reduce performance.
  • Advanced technology and high efficiency. The panels are equipped with monocrystalline silicon cells with a guaranteed energy conversion efficiency of up to 22% in good weather. For maximum performance, the panels must be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Smart solar energy. The EcoFlow solar panel can be connected to the EcoFlow battery station and thus use the advanced solar charging controller MPPT. It detects current and voltage in real time and provides the best possible performance depending on weather changes.
  • High compatibility. The standard solar MC4 connector also ensures compatibility with other devices that are commonly available on the market. However, if you really want maximum performance and efficiency, connect the panels to the EcoFlow DELTA battery station. Extreme endurance. 110 W EcoFlow solar panels cover your back in all circumstances and in all weathers. Thanks to protection IP67, they are completely dustproof and waterproof, so they are perfect for outdoor activities. In addition, 0.2 mm thin protective ETFE UV filter protects the surface of the product and thus increases its service life.
  • To charge the RIVER 370 electric generator, it is necessary to purchase an extra MC4 cable to TYPE-C, which will allow charging with a 110W solar panel.
  • *Additional accessories can be: Folding Hand Truck Trolley EcoFlow 2661283, Solar Extension Cable-3 MC4 for Solar Panels EcoFlow 2661832, Solar Parallel Connection Cable MC4 30cm for Solar Panels EcoFlow 2661290.

Parámetros técnicos:

  • Potencia nominal: 110W (+ 10W) ​​*
  • Voltaje de circuito abierto: 21.7v (VMP18.5V)
  • Corriente de cortocircuito: 6.3A (IMP 6.0A)
  • Eficiencia: 22-24%.
  • Tipo de célula: silicio monocristalino
  • Puertos de salida: Puerto solar MC4 a USB-C: 24V (MAX), hasta 6A (MAX) Puerto solar MC4 a XT100: 80V (MAX), hasta 10A (máx.)
  • Certificados: PSE, CE, FCC, Rosh,
  • Peso: 10 lb (4.5kg) Panel solar 5.7lb (2.6kg)
  • Peso del paquete: 6kg
  • Dimensiones desplegadas: 45.2 * 21.9 * 0.8in (114.7 * 55.6 * 2.0cm) Dimensiones plegadas: 23.2 * 21.9 * 0.8in (59 * 55.6 * 2.0cm)
  • Garantía: 12 meses
  • Tamaño del paquete: 61.4 × 6.15 × 47.7

Características del producto:

  • Puerto universal de MC4: Tenemos MC4 a Cable Tipo-C para recargar nuestro Delta; También puede cobrar otros dispositivos con un cable MC4 universal.
  • Salida rateral de alta transferencia en días soleados: 110W


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