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Underwater Drone BW SPACE PRO 4K 100m Youcan Robot 8501599

  • SKU: 8501599
  • Código de barras: 8435638501599
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Basic characteristics:

  • BW SPACE PRO: Sharper, Stronger, Grater Stability. Underwater Drone with 4K Camera, equipped with a 1/1.7 sensor and F1.4 larger aperture, 30% increase in the light-transmitting than 1/2.3 lens sensor. Captures 4K UHD Video and 12 megapixel photos. Enhanced Imaged Stabilization: Image Stabilization technology smooths underwater video shooting and delivers professional image quality.
  • ±45 ° Pitch for Up or Down Viewing. By using for bidirectional thrusters, it can shoot and travel with pitch angels of up to ±45 °. This range of motion creates more flexibility and opportunities to capture stunning videos and still images.
  • Greater stability is achieved by being powered by four thrusters. Two horizontal thrusters in the rear and two vertical thrusters in the front and back. By using the symmetrical structure design the machine is able to move vertically at a speed of 1.5 m/s. Precise depth hovering with just one click. The multi-sensor integrated algorithm is used to adjust the depth sensor, so that the machine can hover and shoot in the water. Remotely controlled by APP or remote controller, it can hover in a precise depth, and move to any directions.
  • The 9600mAh high-density lithium battery with large-capacity can operate for 5 hours, which is about 45% longer than other products. 4hours average, 3 hours shooting video, 5 hours shooting stills.
  • Includes: Drone, Remote Controller, Wi-Fi Repeater, 100 m tether, Charger



    • Dimensions: 41*30*13cm
    • Weight: 3.9kg
    • Waterproof cover: Glass
    • Operating temperature: -10 – 40˚C
    • Speed: 1.5m/s
    • Rated Depth: 100m
    • Flow Speed Resistance: 1.5m/s


    • Sensor: 1/1.7” CMOS
    • Effective pixels: 12MP
    • Aperture: F1.4
    • Focus Length: 4.45mm
    • Image format: JPEG Video format: MP4(H.264/H.265)
    • Video Resolution: 4K (3840*2160 30fps)
    • Object Dimension: 0.3m
    • Field Angle: D:130°, H:110.3°, V:56.8°
    • SD Card Storage: 64GB


    • Optional Length: 100m
    • Outer Diameter: 4.4mm
    • Buoyancy: Neutral
    • Breaking Strength: 150kg
    • Weight: 1.6kg


    • Rated capacity: 3600mAh/106.56Wh
    • Battery Life (Normal Use): 2-3 hours
    • Battery Life (Light Use): 3-5 hours
    • Charging Time: 5 hours
    • Input: DC12.6V: 2.5A-/0.2A


    • Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz/5.0GHz
    • Operation Temperature: -20-55˚C
    • Rated Capacity: 2600mAh/28.08Wh
    • Transmission Standard: 802.11b/g/n
    • Transmission Rate: Max.300Mbps/2.4GHz, Max.433Mbps/5.0GHz


    • Configuration: 2 Horizontal, 2 Vertical
    • Forward: 3.0kg
    • Reverse: 2.5kg
    • Power: 156W

     Remote Controller:

    • Support System: iOS/ Android
    • Tensile Elongation: 4.5-10.4in (Advance), 2.2-3.3in (Simple)
    • Connection Mode: Bluetooth 2.0 SPP, protocol (Android), Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, protocol (iOS)

    3D Attitude System:

    • YAW: Range -180˚-180˚
    • Pitch Range: Range -90˚-90˚
    • Roll: Range -90˚-90˚
    • Compass: Resolution:1˚
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