FIFISH V6 EXPERT | Professional Underwater Productivity Solution

par Nikolai S sur August 25, 2021
Underwater drone FIFISH V6 EXPERTWe present you a new PROFESSIONAL underwater drone the FIFISH V6 EXPERT: compact size & operational ROV platform.
  • long Lasting Power up to 4 hours and fast-charging to 90% capacity within 1 hour
  • can be equipped with an onshore power supply system that delivers optimal diving performance and operating time
  • ability to attach a myriad of professional-grade tools for your inspection, navigational, sampling measuring, & grappling needs
  • a pair of ultra-bright 6000 lumen LED lights delivering brilliant, vivid and vibrant images and footages within even the darkest spaces
  • comes equipped with a 128GB card for ample space and storage of high-definition films and images
  • thanks to UHD 4K underwater camera lens with 240 FPS slow-motion filming capabilities you can capture every detail needed in your aquatic operations and missions
Available for pre-order - Underwater drone FIFISH V6 EXPERT
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