Simple rules to care your sea scooter

par Nikolai S sur August 25, 2021
Underwater scooter Lefeet S1Sea scooter can last you a long time, but you need to follow some simple rules to care it.

Do not forget to rinse well the scooter after the sea in fresh water. Sea water causes oxidation and this can break the motor.

Also check that there no sand o seaweed left in the scooter (especially check the motors).

Every two months take the battery out and charge it up again to keep it in good condition, even if you don’t use your scooter. Also you need to change the battery every four years.

Following these rules helps you to keep your scooter always as a new one.
But if, nevertheless, some problems happened with your scooter, we remind you that we have a service center, where attentive employees will fix a breakdown of any complexity.
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