Underwater Drone MITO by NAVATICS

par Nikolai S sur September 30, 2021

Underwater Drone MITO Navatics

Underwater Drone MITO by NAVATICS – the most stable 4K underwater drone.


  • Advanced Built-In Stabilization Technology. It can react to abrupt changes instantly by calculating and sending command signals to the thrusters for automatic stabilization.

  • Adjustable tilt lock from -45˚ to 45˚ enable it to capture stunning tilted shot while moving forward backward.

  • 4K Recording/1080P Wireless Streaming. MITO’s camera allows you to experience crystal clear underwater footage, captures vivid lights and colors.

  • Wireless communication buoy and 500m radio frequency remote control.

  • Operating time: 4 hours normal use, 2 hours intensive use with high speed with 1.5 hours charging time.

  • 2m/s of speed and 40m of depth.

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