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About us

Senaitech S.L. company was founded in 2015. Under this brand, we combined several projects for the sale of different products demanded by consumers. Our group successfully developed and continues developing these areas. At the same time, we never forget to follow global trends and recently, we decided to focus on one of the most popular in the market. Water recreation becomes more and more popular every year and for this reason we created this new business direction in Senaitech S.L. That is how the MOVESEA project appeared in 2019, whereby our company offers to customers from different countries the best equipment for underwater activities.  

Around the world there is a huge number of manufacturers and suppliers of underwater drones and robots, components and additional accessories for them. In an effort to give the best service to our clients, we carefully studied all the offers and selected several brands that produce the most technologically advanced, functional, reliable and durable devices for amateur and professional diving. In this preparatory phase, we visited many factories, familiarized with technological processes, talked with designers and engineers - in summary, thoroughly studied the subject. You can find out about the brands that we selected and their merits in the "Catalogue" section of our website.  

The MOVESEA project was founded relatively recently, but even in this short period of time it received significant development and continues grow steadily. What allowed us to achieve this result? 

 • Our assortment range consists of the best diving equipment from leading manufacturers. 

 • Full responsibility for the quality of the products we sell. • Well-organized distribution and comprehensive assistance of our partners. 

 • Regular participation in specialized exhibitions, where we show our products to potential buyers and partners and also get acquainted with new products in the market. 

Water recreation is an exciting experience, health and high quality of life. MOVESEA is a project that allows you to get all of those things. We will be glad to see you as a client or a business partner!

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