6th - 9th of February  2020

Moscow Dive Show 2020

Stand Number F9/1

The 5th annual Moscow Dive Show is half a jubilee, visibly growing in size and intensity from year to year. Below are the basic facts and figures to start counting the new season from.

230+ exhibitors have arrived from over 205 countries, including e.g. Italy, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Cyprus, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Maldives, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan and China, and for the fisrt time ever from Paoua New Guinea. Notably, Cuba, Malaysia and Cyprus have been represented by National tourism offices or Ministries. 

Very special attention to handicapped divers: they really felt well in the Show, with a dedicated photo booth to honor their efforts and achievements supervised by air diving instructor Mr Dmitry Knyazev

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