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Car charger EVO II Autel 1101185

Brand: Autel
  • Barcode: 6924991101185
  • SKU: 1101185
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    Basic characteristics: 

    • The EVO II Car Charger is used to charge the aircraft battery through a car's cigarette lighter socket. 
    • The EVO II Car Charger provides an extra USB port, which allows you to charge your remote control at the same time. 
    • This charger is designed with under-voltage protection, ensuring the car has enough voltage for starting. 
    • In addition, overheating protection of the charger will automatically stop battery charging if the temperature of the cigarette lighter socket exceeds a certain value.


    • Input: 12.5V to 17.2 V
    • Main output: 13.2V, 5A
    • USB output: 5V, 3A; 9V, 2A; 12V, 1.5A
    • Charging Time: about 90 min (Charging time may vary slightly with battery level and ambient charging temperature.)
    • Charging Time for Remote Controller: about 120 min (in shutdown state)


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