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Omni Power Station 10X OMNICHARGE code OC32B001

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  • SKU: OC32B001
  • Barcode: 853655007708
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Basic characteristics:

  • SMART AND PORTABLE: Smart and self-service Power Station makes it easy to manage and charge multiple Omnicharge products at the same time. Recharges entire Power Station within 3 hours
  • OUTLET EXTENDER: Turn a single wall outlet into ten portable outlets without the cost associated with a traditional electrical retrofit in high traffic areas such as universities, co-working spaces, hotels and conferences
  • INFRASTRUCTURAL COST SAVINGS - With just a standard wall outlet, the Omni Power Station allows for free installation with no disruptive construction crews or electricians for expensive upgrades
  • CLOUD SHARING PLATFORM: Secure your Omni 20 to any table, desk or other flat rigid surface with this strong theft resistant locking bracket IoT enabled technology allows facility administrators to monitor and manage their fleet of portable chargers with app integration to permit power sharing
  • LIFETIME CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Omnicharge comes with a 1-year limited warranty and lifetime customer support. Includes: 1 Omnicharge Power Station, 10 x Omni 20, AC Power Cable & Quick Start Guide

    What can you charge?

    • Action CAM (up to 10 charges)
    • Smartphone (up to 5 charges)
    • 15’ Laptop (up to 1 charges)
    • Tablet (1 to 2 charges)
    • Drone (1 to 2 charges)
    • DSLR (up to 5 charges)


    • CLOUD MANAGEMENT: Wi-fi, Ethernet, and cellular enabled, providing real-time; monitoring of the station’s health status; Separate power supply to provide adequate power for Raspberry Pi to ensure continuous monitoring
    • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS: Shock resistant aluminum casing with high efficiency heat dissipation; High wattage cables; Premium quality finish
    • SMART POWER SUPPLY: Compact size with efficient heat disbursement; Smart Overheat Protection: Power recovers automatically when the temperature lowers to the; normal operations degree; Short Circuit Protection; Over-Voltage Protection
    • OVER-CURRENT PROTECTION: Secondary protection fuse provides prompt reaction to changes in the flow of electricity

    Main Features:

    • 1 Power Station
    • 10 Omni 20 Portable Chargers
    • Cloud Management Software
    • Self Service Software
    • 3 Hour RechargeTime
    • High Quality Material: Pure Aluminum Enclosure
    • Protection System: Temperature protection, short circuit protection, and over-voltage protection
    • Smart Features: Low decibel output; Wi-fi, Ethernet, and cellular enabled; Wi-Fi cloud connectivity
    • Requirements: Standard power outlet and Wi-Fi connection
    • Number of Units: 10 Bay – 10 Omni 20+
    • Weight: 18.6kg
    • Dimensions: 530mm x 179mm x 250mm
    • Power Draw: 11 amps (when batteries are fully discharged)


    • Input:100V-240V~,50/60Hz, up to 10A
    • Output: 24V-2A (per charging bay)
    • Operating temp: Temperature 0°C-40°C, Humidity 30-70%Altitude ≤2000m
    • Store temperature: 0°C-40°C
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