Solar Panel OMNICHARGE OC34A003
Solar Panel OMNICHARGE OC34A003
Solar Panel OMNICHARGE OC34A003
Solar Panel OMNICHARGE OC34A003
Solar Panel OMNICHARGE OC34A003
Solar Panel OMNICHARGE OC34A003

Solar Panel OMNICHARGE OC34A003

Brand: Omnicharge
  • Barcode: 853655007845
  • SKU: OC34A003
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    Basic characteristics:

    • The Omnicharge solar panel is designed with thin film solar cells, providing a durable and lightweight form factor. 
    • Stay powered no matter where you are.
    • Flexible & Lightweight: Our thin film (CIGS) panels provide a flexible and lightweight solution with nearly half the weight and thickness of monocrystalline panels. Our technology allows the panel to continue functioning even if it has been partially damaged.
    • Low light efficiency: The Omnicharge solar panel has a 21% conversion efficiency, providing a reliable way to power your devices. Our thin film panels also provide excellent low light performance with nearly 10% higher low-light efficiency than mono crystalline panels.
    • Powering Adventures, Stay powered, wherever you are: Whether you’re hiking in the Himalayas or out camping with the family, reliable access to power has become an essential part of our everyday lives. Having power for lights, phones, gps or even laptops, can make a huge difference when you're far away from civilization.
    • Powering Emergencies, Fast and reliable for all situations: When living in a disaster-prone area, you need to be prepared for anything. This can mean powering your internet router in a power outage or powering a water filter after a natural disaster. With the added benefit of being solar rechargeable, you can keep your gear powered for extended periods of time.
    • Powering Photography, Don't miss the perfect shot: For many, Omnicharge has become an essential part of their photography kit. With the ability to power lights, cameras and monitors, your photostudio travels with you wherever you are. Whether on a short day shoot or a week-long excursion, the Omnicharge solar panel keeps your Omnicharge powered up for consistent high-quality sessions.

    Key Features:

    • Made for: Omni 13 and Omni 20
    • DC Out: 8V/2.5A Max
    • USB Out: 5V/2.4A Max
    • Dimensions: 300 x 178 x 15 mm
    • Item Weight: 534g
    • Flexible & Lightweight
    • Note: To achieve maximum charging efficiency, the USB port is disabled while outputting from the barrel port.
    • High Efficiency
    • The thin film solar cells provide a 21% conversion efficiency, providing enough power for your Omnicharge and other mobile devices.


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