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Thruster Protectors for Underwater Drone FIFISH V6/V6S/V6PLUS QYSEA 8500073

  • SKU: 8500073
  • Barcode: 8435638500073
In stock

Basic characteristics:

  • FIFISH V6 Thruster Protector (6 pcs).
  • Protect your Fifish V6/V6S/V6PLUS Thrusters from the underwater elements such as jellyfish, algae, seaweed and pebbles in the sea.
  • In the event of a lot of seagrass / seaweed or the like in the water, to be mounted to protect the thrusters on your FIFISH Underwater Drone.
  • You can expect safer and more comfortable operation.


    • They will prevent anything from getting tangled inside the propellers.
    • When mounted on these, you lose about 20% of the power in the thrusters.
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