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Underwater Scooter Navbow Red Battery 158Wh Sublue 845223

  • SKU: 845223
  • Barcode: 0713289845223
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Basic characteristics:

  • Underwater Professional Scooter Navbow with Multi-speed mode and Strong Power: 3 grades of speed providing smooth to ultra-fast underwater experience
  • Battery Quick Change: the unique patented battery sealing technology enables battery change in 5 seconds. Battery life up to 45 mins
  • Single hand operation: designed based on users’ habits, allowing them to release one hand underwater just like operating a professional DPV
  • Compact and Convenient: 50% lighter than traditional DPV product
  • Includes: Underwater scooter; Charging stand; Adapter & Wire; Lithium battery 158Wh; Single hand operation Lanyard; Counterbalance Weight Bar & Holder; D Ring converter; Safety Leash; Explanation Material.

    Design for Professional

    • Three gears, speed of 1.8m/s or 6ft/s
    • Dual propeller, high power efficiency
    • Max.depth at 40m or 131ft
    • D-ring connection
    • Adjustable micro-positive buoyancy: automatic floating when detached from the user
    • OLED display for speed & battery life
    • Low power alert: flashing & vibration



    • Dimension: L486mm x W327mm x H177mm; L19" x W13" x H7"
    • Weight: 4.5kg or 9.9lbs
    • Speed: 1.8m/s or 6ft/s
    • Depth: 40m or 131ft
    • Camera: Dual mounts for camera lights or weights
    • Operation Mode: Support both single or double handed use
    • Various Protections: emergency stop for propeller blockage
    • APP Smart Control: can realize settings of functions including device information synchronization, self-cleaning, safety lock, operation mode switch, etc.



    • Compact design, strong power and extended endurance
    • Quite simple operation: the user can realize 3-grade speed switch online and experience the excitement of sudden acceleration
    • Two installation points on the top and bottom of the device.
    • 1.5inch OLED display on the top shows various information: time, speed, battery, status
    • Delicately designed single-hand operation mode can maximize the support for divers’ need and experience
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