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Underwater scooter WhiteShark Tini Sublue 158 Wh 8500691

  • SKU: 8500691
  • Barcode: 8435638500691
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Basic characteristics:

  • Compact Underwater single-motor Scooter WhiteShark TINI, Fly thru the water: Level up your underwater experience. Expand your horizon while you are swimming, snorkeling and diving
  • Powerful and Easy to Control: Tini’s motor is so powerful, it can go as fast as most dual motor underwater scooters. Slow down to 1.1m/s to enjoy the view, or as fast as 1.4m/s to experience the thrill. Hold control with both hands to bring maneuver and balance. + Wireless control technology
  • Portable and More Fun: Small size, lightweight, easily fit in backpack and also has case for safe storage + Safe on Flights, as lithium battery is pre-approved for air travel. 
  • WhiteShark Tini is compatible with both action cameras and smartphones capture your wonderful underwater moments
  • Includes: WhiteShark TINI Scooter, Li-ion Battery 158Wh, Charging Station, Power Adapter, Safety Leash, User Manual Controller handle, Handle, Single motor handling bracket, 1 Waterproof Decal, Carton Box

    Main Characteristics: Design for Easy, Safe and Fun

    • Modular design is easy to disassemble, carry and store
    • Wireless connection provided
    • Two-Level speed change can be switched at any time by handle
    • Lithium battery is pre-approved for air travel
    • Easily Swop lithium battery, no tool needed
    • Specially designed with a universal interface for mounting GoPro camera or Your Smartphone to record directly while swimming
    • Left-handed or right-handed, easily interchange the control handles to fit your preference
    • Designed to resist salt corrosion, perfect for open sea waters.
    • Suitable for water enthusiasts of all ages


    • Dimensions: Tini power system: L355 x W135 x H135 mm;
    • Single-boosting handle bracket: L296 x W144 x H36.5 mm;
    • Control handle: L95 x W57 xH 158 mm
    • Weight (with battery) : 3 kg 230g
    • Weight of Battery 158Wh: 1,1 kg
    • Working Depth: 20m
    • Speed: High Speed: 1.4 m/s; Low Speed: 1.1m/s
    • Battery life: Power system: 60min; Control handle: 150 mins
    • Batterie’s temperature for charging: 5-40°C, Max.Charging Power: 100w,Charging time: 3.5 hours
    • External loads: Action camera mount
    • Ambient temperature for operating: 0-35°C
    • Storage environment temperature: 0-45°C
    • Maintenance: The product should be completely cleaned after each use
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